20 June 2016

20 June 2016

Thank you Kyle for taking the time add up all the MAY PULLUPS. 

Our grand total is...6,207!

Just in time for a Fran challenge.

So, it's no mystery, Fran is tomorrow. Here is the CrossFit standard prescription for Fran. 

Thrusters (95/65) 

We're encouraging different scaling options as usual, especially for this. Fran is meant to be a short, intense workout, so there will be a 10 minute time cap. If you're going longer than that you've turned it into a whole different beast and are no longer training with the intensity that it demands. 

Here are my suggestions for scaling. However, please don't feel limited to this.

Option A (Scale up)
If you're already around a 3:30 or quicker Fran, I would suggest trying Heavy Fran for the challenge. This may mean bumping the thruster weight up and/or chest to bar pullups. Keep in mind we still want the speed and intensity. This may only apply to less than 2% of our members.

Option B (Scale Thruster Down)
If you are proficient with pullups, but the RX thruster weight will totally bog you down (aka you're a smaller person with good gymnastics) you may want to scale your thruster weight to 75 for men/45 for ladies. Don't scale to make it easier, scale to make it so you can keep up with the intensity that Fran demands.

Option C (Scale Pullups Down)
Alright, so you don't quite have pullups yet but you're an animal with the barbell...Let's keep the barbell weight as RX (if you can move through them with ease) and scale the pullups to seated pullups today. For this, we're going to measure the height of the racked barbell exactly so that for your re-test you will be able to have the EXACT same set up.

Option D (Scale ALL Down)
Remember, the purpose for scaling is so you can get a high intensity kick ass workout without being bogged down and having to rest for more time than you're working. Talk with your coach about an appropriate weight, but it might look like this:

Thrusters (75/45)
Seated Pullups

And one last note...we'll be running the wod in 2 heats today so that everyone will be judged and have a judge for their workout. For some of the larger classes today, coaches have already assigned athlete/judge pairs, so no need to stress about who's going to judge you or who you are judging, you'll find out when class starts. 

*There's still time to sign up for the challenge! Head to the calendar and find it on June 25th or under the "EVENTS/Memberships" tab.

Good luck!

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